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Sixth PAR® Wine Award Greece presents the results

Two Top Gold – international styles are experiencing a strong upsurge – 35 percent of submitted wines are organically grown

Frasdorf, March 2016 – For the sixth time now, PAR Wine Award Greece has been organised by WINE System AG. The tasting took place on 20th of February 2016: two wines out of submitted 65 achieved Top Gold with 96 PAR points. Both came from Crete Island: 2014 Diamantopera White from vineyard Diamantakis and 2014 Lihnos Douraki White from organic vineyard Dourakis. Closely followed by 2015 white wine Travel to Limnos and 2014 dessert wine La Terra from Limnos organic wines vineyard named after the Aegean Island, both received Gold with 95 PAR points.The tasting has been conducted by the independent PAR jury together with sensory expert Martin Darting at the head of it.

„A remarkable trend to be mentioned was that many especially „modern“ wines lined up at the start: fruity, clear, clean, mineral and brilliant. Wines with clearly intended emphasis on origin have been likewise submitted for tasting. Also in this traditional segment, work was done with high perfection – altogether it was a varied and complex tasting with a few surprises.“ is the conclusion drawn by Martin Darting.

Wines from almost all growing regions of this tradition-steeped country have been submitted for PAR Wine Award Greece this year, from Crete through Peloponnese and Thessalia to Thrace and Aegean Islands. The region of Central Greece was particpating for the first time this year. Two wines have been awarded with TopGold, 25 with Gold, 23 with Silver and four with „compliment“.

On the top of this year's ranking are the already mentioned white wines from vineyards Diamantakis, Dourakis and Limnos Organic Wines. Followed by 94 PAR points rosè wine 2015 Kudos Grenache Rouge, which is also produced by the organic vineyard Dourakis from Crete. 93 points and thus Gold have been awarded for the 2014 Athanasiou Moschofilero from Athanasiou Wines located in the Peloponnese on a par with top-ranked red wine 2009 Merlot from Macedonian vineyard Kelari Dialekto.

Being an internationally recognised quality competition, PAR Wine Award Greece contributes toincrease the awareness level of these high-quality, multifaceted and often unknown products on the European market.

PAR Award is more than just a competition: as all other WINE System AG awards, the PAR Wine Award Greece tasting is proceeded in accordance with sensory assessment system PAR , stands for Product-Analysis-Ranking. Beside attracting attention brought by this top award, many producers appreciate the revealing analyses underlying the PAR assessment.They show exactly which citeria have led to respective results and can be used as valuable documentation for the quality management. Each submitted wine is tasted by an independent jury consisting of oenologists, sommeliers and wine experts proofed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce under the guidance of sensor expert Martin Darting. This system ensures an objective assessment with 100-point-pattern based on comprehensible documentation. In order to maintain a millennium old wine-growing tradition, particular attention is paid to autochtonous vines during the tasting.In the context of modern oenology international styles are appreciated and they are assessed as impartially as the traditional ones.

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WINE System AG, based in Frasdorf, under the guidance of CEO Gisela Wüstinger, consults wine growers and retailers since 1999. WINE System AG provides wide range of expert services for creating and improving of internet presence. WINE System AG offers a comprehensive database which is well accepted in the industry. Informative bottlenecktag has been developed by WINE System AG in order to provide better product promotion in the retail. WINE System AG is co-developer of the international PAR-System for wine, bread, cheese, olive oil and organizes tastings during annual PAR organic wine award, PIWI wine award, PAR award South Africa and PAR Greek wine award. www.winesystem.de

Martin Darting is skilled wine grower and sensors tasting expert and initiator of BioFach wine award. Martin is the developer of PAR-System, oenological consultant for quality management, training lecturer and head of tastings during PAR wine awards. www.martin-darting.de


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